Balloon Care & F.A.Qs

The balloons are considered flammable, please keep them away from any heat source like candles, lights, or direct sunlight.

It is best to keep them indoors and in a chilled area.

Guaranteed float time for metallic (latex) balloons is 8 hours and 24 hours for foil and bubble balloons. We strongly suggest to have the balloons delivered the same day it will be used since the balloon is still porous, the gas inside will gradually leak and the sticker will slowly get deformed as well. So we hope to send your order on the same day it will be given or used.

Two (2) hours after the balloons has been delivered, we will no longer be responsible for any damage caused by mishandling on the recipient’s part. For any issues related to our products, kindly report it within two (2) hours upon receipt by sending us photos for proof, so we can investigate on the incident and decide the course of action to take. If proven to be a mishandling on our part, we either replase the product or credit a refund for future purchases. Due to the general nature of our products, we cannot guarantee that they will remain perfectly intact when used or installed outdoors. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse refund or replacement for any form of loss or damage due to factors outside and beyond our control.